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In honor of New England Vacation Week, here are some of the must-do destinations - visit places in Rhode Island and New York City for your next vacation.

Rhode Island is full of fun activities for the family, and you can use this list to plan your next trip to New York City or Rhode Island for New England Vacation Week. It would take weeks to enjoy all these activities, but even if you're just on a day trip in Newport, RI, this guide will make sure your time is maximized. Whether you're attracted to the glamorous mansions or empty mansions, there are a number of things in and around Newport that you simply won't forget.

If you are on holiday in Narragansett, take the time to drive to nearby Newport, which is just a 30-minute drive away. Newport is an ideal place to go for a day trip, picnic or just to be outside.

The city is entertaining, engaging and educational, and due to the history that surrounds the visitors, an ideal place for a family holiday. The Newport Mansion Tour is the most popular tourist attraction in Rhode Island and one of our most popular tours throughout the state. It is a great place for a day trip, picnic or just an outdoor picnic with views of Narragansett Bay and the sea.

Discover this historic yet fun part of Newport, fun for adults and children of all ages, by car or water taxi in Newport Harbor.

For MA and other points east of Providence, follow I-195 and RI Route 114 to Newport, then turn left onto I / 95 to reach Providence. For MA or any other point west of Rhode Island City and Providence City, follow I-95 and turn right onto RI State Route 113 to Providence and then east onto R.R. 114.

If you are traveling to Rhode Island and do not have a car, there are alternatives to driving to Newport. There is apparently a ferry direct from Newport to Providence, but if you are in Boston or New York, it is even easier: The train to Boston from Providence is less than an hour, and NYC is in about three hours. In addition, the Jamestown - Newport ferry provides a direct service from Newport to New York City. If you are visiting Newport on a day trip from Boston and have access to RIPTA, you can also take this train directly to New York.

RIPTA features an authentic-looking car that drives through Newport and offers a variety of attractions, including the Rhode Island Museum of Natural History and the Newport Museum. Four Days in Newport, Rhode Island, which provides more information about the attractions in this article as well as more photos. If you want more information about what you can do in our wonderful little state, check out our guide to the state's most popular attractions and subscribe to all our new posts in your inbox.

Although the city covers only 12 square miles, there are many things to see and do in Newport, and it would be worth a visit just to see the sites of the colonial houses, not to mention the beach, restaurants and shops. As an awe inspiring historic landmark, a visit to the Marble House is one of my personal favorite things I did in Rhode Island, RI, and you don't want to miss it.

One of the best parts of Newport, in my opinion, is the walk to Newport Harbor, but it is still very easy to reach the main town in Middletown. Easton Beach, also known as First Beach, is a great place for Newport fun, located next to Cliff Walk. This neighborhood is located in Eastons Bay in Newport and is right at the beginning of our Newport Cliff Walk. I like East on Beach (referred to by locals as "the first beach") because it is the most popular beach in Rhode Island and it has a lot to do, including an aquarium and playground.

The Hamptons are three hours away, but the journey from Penn Station to Kingston Station in Rhode Island, the nearest train station to Newport, takes just as long. re flying from Providence, RI, you are close to a major airport, whether it is New York City or Newport, RI. It is 27 miles from the center of Newport and it took about the same time to travel from Kingston Station, Rhode Island, which is closer to our Newport stations than Newport to New York City.

If you're on a day trip from Providence to Boston, you'll probably drive to Newport. There are many other things to do in Newport, RI, even though you don't want to talk about them in 45 minutes. It is easy to rent a car in Providence and drive to Rhode Island, but if you follow the Interstate South most of the time, it is quicker and easier to drive to Newport than to get to Newport from Boston.

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