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Governor Gina Raimondo dropped a bomb on major events in Newport County and the state this summer, though they are not in person. During her daily press briefing on Wednesday, she raised the issue, specifically mentioning Newport and Newport Folk Festivals.

Atlantic Beach Club is still considered one of Newport's beaches, but Sachuest Beach (second beach for locals) is actually in Middletown. Many prefer this beach because the waves are better , the water is cleaner and less seaweed beds, it is a little calmer, and the surfers prefer it. The Atlantic Beach Club is another beach in Newport, though not as popular with locals as the other two.

The Jetty is definitely an exclusive group and is regularly used by some of the most notable parties on the planet. There are some who are guaranteed to have a party whenever they perform, but there are also some in Providence who have bands that perform every night and put on a sensational show that will amaze the audience. I have been fortunate to experience the great time they offer us on a nightly basis, and I am sure you have experienced it.

Frontman Kevin Toth has a wise ass-like style that hits you in the face, David Simione is incredible on drums, Jon Hoder holds everything together on bass, Christopher Fragale shredds his guitar, Adrienne C.N. Berry is excellent on saxophone, and Tai Awolaju oozes charisma, while Andrew Moon of the band sings along with the rumbling of his guitar and provides the suppleness. This includes a great vocal performance by the band, great guitar work by Andrew and the Moon Band and great performances by the other members.

The melodies and harmonies of frontman Yeugene Barokha conquer the room with a mood that makes the vibe just right. Bartholomew's guitar has an atmospheric tone that creates a rock solid rhythm, and his voice is superbly complemented by other band members like Chris Fragale, Andrew Moon and Alex Gaffney.

Another Providence musician who has grown enormously since starting out in Providence in the 2010s is Steve DelMonico. He also founded Belly, best known for the 1994 hit "Feed the Trees," which reached number one on the Billboard Modern Rock Charts. In 2011, his fifth studio album Salt Salt received much acclaim and even a spot at this year's Newport Folk Festival. Since then he has worked with other Rhode Island musicians such as Chris Fragale, Andrew Moon and Alex Gaffney.

Down in Hell "is a nearly perfect rock'n" roll song that always has the same effect when played live. On the album he is represented on drums with Matthew Donnelly and he has now arrived in the local classical scene.

Tall Teenagers is a small, big supergroup from Providence, a group of veterans playing emphatic garage rock behind the scenes. Their ability to combine punk rock with a hefty dose of hip-hop, blues and even a bit of country makes for an energetic live experience. Wherever they played in the city, they would have set the crowd going with ruthless abandon. If you show your love for brass music, include it on your best list of Providence music.

Further down the marina in Newport, the Lobster Bar, a family restaurant, is serving significantly fewer guests this summer than in previous years. In the harbour park the sailboats remain firmly closed and swaying, but not as strong as they used to be.

The outdoor venue is not conducive to classical music performances, so the sumptuous rooms of the stately Newport villas were used for chamber music concerts. After the Jazz Festival, the Folk Festival moved to New York City in 1971, but returned in 1986.

The Newport Folk Festival is scheduled for July 31-August 2, the Newport Jazz Festival for the following weekend, but that too has been cancelled throughout the year. In the meantime, it presents a series of carefully curated and thoughtful events that can become an online experience. The organisers have put together a range of unique experiences, both free and with tickets, which will benefit both the festival itself and the Newport Festival Foundation, which supports music education programmes across the country. We have already counted down the days until the 2021 festival and are approaching the meeting point of this year's Newport Music Festival, which will feature more than 100 artists, musicians, artists and musicians from around the world who will return to Newport to once again enchant us with specially curated programs.

We have secured the services of Egmont Associates to lead the search for a new director of the Newport Music Festival and the Festival Foundation for the 2021 Festival.

Easton Beach, which locals call "1st Beach," is located on the east side of Easton Street in Newport, Rhode Island. Baileys Beach is private and is considered one of the most popular beaches in the Newport Beach area. Gooseberry Beach is located at the intersection of Main Street and South Street, just south of West End Park.

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