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New England has a wealth of options when it comes to choosing a nearby getaway with plenty of outdoor options, and Newport, Rhode Island, is one of the popular choices. From castles in the hills to island lighthouses, luxury accommodations await the discerning traveler in Newport Rhode Island. In the heart of Newport, there is a wide variety of parks, beaches and open spaces to enjoy with your best friends, but few hold a candle in their hand.

The Hyatt Regency Newport is a great location for checking in and staying overnight with fantastic harbor and water access that is not necessarily right on the beach. The seaside town is in the city of the sea, and you can walk for miles, but if you're looking for the best of both worlds, check out one of the many hotels in Newport, Rhode Island, such as the Hyatts Regencies Newport.

This historic hotel offers high-speed Wi-Fi internet access, which is available free of charge throughout the hotel. Guests also have access to free Wi-Fi and free parking at the Hyatt Regency Newport in downtown Newport. Free Wi-Fi is also available in the hotel lobby, all guest rooms and suites, and high-speed Wi-Fi is available to all guests.

If you want to enjoy a nice summer in Newport, stay at this Easton Beach hotel. There are also things to do if you don't want to chill out in the spa. If you visit Newport in winter, your options are somewhat limited, but the Newport Marriott offers easy access to some of the city's best destinations, so getting there is no problem. Stay here, and there's even a spa for those of you who donate Want the best of both worlds: free Wi-Fi and free parking.

Refined rooms and upscale amenities give Gurney Newport Resort and Marina a truly luxurious feel. Guests are invited to enjoy a private pool, private dining room and even a sleeping loft. The Wayfinder has a number of leisure amenities that make you feel at home, including a spa, fitness centre and pool.

Mainstay Hotel and Conference Center has nearly 200 rooms, ranging from standard double rooms to deluxe king rooms. This is the only accommodation in Newport that actively caters to groups, with a private pool, spa, fitness centre and private dining room.

Newport Rhode Island Beach has a private cinema, which is what makes it one of the best hotels on Newport Beach. If you're looking for a luxury hotel with a pool, spa, fitness center and private dining room, this Newport hotel has what you're looking for.

While most of the 84 rooms face the water, there is also a great terrace overlooking bustling Newport Harbor. Well equipped and flooded with light, each suite has a church tower with private pool, spa, fitness centre and private dining room.

The Gurney Newport Resort and Marina is set on 10 acres on Goat Island, surrounded by beautiful Newport Harbor and the historic old town of Newport, Rhode Island. It features a private pool, spa, fitness centre and private dining room, as well as beautiful views of the harbour.

The famous Newport Cliff Walk is less than two miles away, while Newport Casino is just a 6-minute drive away. As the name suggests, this 3-star hotel is located in the heart of Newport, Rhode Island, just a few miles from the historic Old Town.

The Ambassador Inn & Suites is located north of Newport and Middletown and less than a mile from the famous Newport Cliff Walk and Newport Casino and historic Old Town.

If you are coming from New York City or Boston and want to have a good view of the colonial mansions of Newport, look for accommodation near Cliff Walk. Newport is a popular and often expensive short break, so visiting out of season can be ideal. About 14 minutes "walk from the hotel, it is a great place to get to know Newport and its people.

Visitors who appreciate nightlife while enjoying the sea view should travel closer to the city for a more intimate experience. If you want to become a millionaire in the near future, stay at Gurney's Newport Resort and Marina.

Gurney's outpost in Montauk, Rhode Island, is also a New York institution that will surely appeal to Manhattanites. The Italian restaurant is delicious, and guests at the Mill Street Inn in Newport can enjoy a drink or two on the rooftop terrace and start the day with a sunny breakfast overlooking the ocean. The weekly Jazz Brunch at Hotel Viking is a staple of Newport, while the rooftops of Top Newport Bar & Kitchen offer great views of Newport's guild-era architecture and historic buildings. The Quality Inn and Suites in Middletown is just a short drive north of Newport and close to Prescott Farm and Sawyer School.

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