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Italian cuisine, as it is called, has come up with a new way of allowing guests to enjoy an al fresco meal. On Wednesday, December 16, the first restaurant of its kind inspired by the classic outdoor dining experiences of the late 19th and early 20th centuries opened in Newport, Rhode Island.

V is rated "impressive," America's oldest tavern will take you back to the golden age of colonial Newport with a good meal and drink. The fact that it is a Providence attraction, including the most popular Providence attractions, such as the Rhode Island Museum of Art, is even more appealing. There is a variety of food and drinks to grab a drink from, as well as great views of the city.

If you already have a great dining experience, click on the icon below to tell us about your favorite restaurants in Newport, Rhode Island. Newport has some great little places to eat, and you can learn more by highlighting where to find some of the best restaurants and beverage options in the Newport area, as well as a list of great restaurants in Providence.

If you need a break from fish in Newport, you can always go down to the Newport Seafood Market to find some great options. Make sure you go to the Castle Hill Inn for lunch while you're in Rhode Island, or at least for dessert.

The view is even better when the belly is full of one of New England's favorites: even-shaken oysters. The Newport Lobster Company sells live lobster on the street for anyone looking for a feast or a snack at home, and customers queue day and night for the fried seafood specialties. But the Lobster Roll has always forgotten the mention in the "Best of Newport" talk. This restaurant at Newport's Marriot is all about the food itself, but the sea views and the views from the restaurant's rooftop terrace are even worth it, especially if you're in a stomach that has gone through more than just shaking oysters.

If you love seafood, head to the Matunuck Oyster Bar to buy some locally farmed oysters, and if you want a stand-up serve, try Pane-e-Vino in Providence. In Newport, you can't eat a bad plate of squid without doing something wrong, especially with the fresh calamari coming from the oven from the local fish shop. If you love New England's most popular fish bar and restaurant, head to the oyster bar Mat unuck at the Newport Inn.

If you are looking for a holiday in a golden age football player, then the seaside town of Rhode Island with all the amenities and amenities available in Newport is your best choice.

The seaside town of Newport, Rhode Island, is located in the heart of the state's most popular tourist destination and is full of great restaurants, not to mention the best food. The long-standing restaurant is part of the Chow Fun Food Group, which also includes restaurants in Providence, Providence Park, Newport Beach and many other locations. Newport is a great place for a relaxing holiday or as a place to dine and drink. Many restaurants in Newport are housed in timeless colonial houses and the White Horse Tavern is one of the oldest in the United States.

Del's, based on Italian lemon ice cream, offers frozen lemonade and lemon sucking. It is ubiquitous on the streets of Newport and in street cars across the state. I tried it at Awful Awful, where it is also called, and at Delekta Pharmacy in Warren, where the treatment is offered at their pharmacy.

A walk along the Bowen Yard in Newport city centre takes you to the heart of the Mediterranean cuisine, where a variety of dishes are served, including chicken, pork, beef and pork ribs. Casual dinners are served in Newport Harbour, where you can enjoy views of the harbour and boardwalk, as well as great views of Newport Bay. Neighboring Middletown has some great places, including Olde Towne Market, a popular spot for craft beer and wine, as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

The Midtown Oyster Bar has two dining areas, one overlooking the busy Thames and the other overlooking Newport Harbor, and a functioning bar. Clark Cooke House, an institution in Newport, is located on the popular Bannister Wharf and includes the rocking Boom Room. Clarke Cooke House is a great dining room with stunning views of the harbour and boardwalk, as well as Newport Bay.

O'Brien's Pub has two dining areas, one overlooking Newport Harbor and a functioning bar and outdoor terrace. They offer delicious appetizers such as flatbread, pizza, signature wings and more, along with a full bar.

As you might guess from its name, this harbour café is often referred to as one of Newport's hidden gems, and for good reason. The casual cafe in downtown Newport prefers sizzling steaks, fresh salads and a variety of sandwiches. It is tucked away in a shipyard just a few blocks from Newport Harbour, but always open for business.

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