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In honor of New England Vacation Week, here are some must-see places in Rhode Island to visit. Block Island is one of the easiest to overlook places on the island, but it is a charming island full of beaches, shops, galleries and activities. Whether you're a day trip or a one-day stay at Newport Beach Resort, there's plenty to explore.

Newport, Rhode Island, offers a wealth of great family activities and is one of the most popular choices. People can go to Newport, walk the Cliff Walk, visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame, visit the villas of the Preservation Society of Newport County, take a harbor tour or take a helicopter ride. You can also visit the Newport Museum of Natural History and the New England Historical Society.

Rhode Island is full of fun activities for the whole family, and popular attractions include the Newport Museum of Natural History and the New England Historical Society. Another great way to enjoy a variety of activities in Newport is a private charter tour of Narragansett Bay or a tour of the famous villas in Newport. Gilded Age, especially during the season when staying at Castle Hill Inn.

While the villas of Newport are a really great thing to visit and see, there are countless other things to do in Newport. You will visit the Rhode Island Museum of Natural History, the New England Historical Society and the Castle Hill Inn, to name a few. There are so many things to do with family and friends in and around Newport, RI. We have only scratched the surface on this page, but I am sure you will discover unlimited things you can do in Newport and Rhode Island.

What are some of the fun and exciting things you can do with your family in Newport, Rhode Island? What do you do as a child and what are your favourite things about Newport and Newport Island?

Take advantage of the season to visit Newport and make sure you visit all of Newport's beautiful beaches, historic buildings and historic sites during the summer months. Contact us now to plan your day trip with New England Trips, or contact us for more information about visiting in spring, summer or fall.

Visitors who want to spend just one day or perhaps a weekend in Newport, Paul recommends some of the best attractions and places to visit. If you're preparing for your day trip to Boston, you can contact New England Trips for more information on the best hotels and restaurants in the city.

I live in Newport while serving in the US Navy and have visited the city and the Rhode Island area several times. If my husband and I want to reconnect, we go on a romantic day trip to Newport, Rhode Island. I visit Rhode Island every year and I am looking forward to something new and exciting to do during my visit, so I am always looking forward to it.

We left the tour when the seals were on the rocks around Rose Island Lighthouse in Newport Harbor, just a few meters from the lighthouse.

Old Harbor, located on the east side of Block Island, is a scenic ferry ride from mainland Rhode Island. Easton Beach (also called First Beach) is Newport's pleasure, located next to Cliff Walk, and we like it because it is one of the most popular beaches in Newport and Old Harbor and has plenty to do, including an aquarium and playground. If you really want to get away, head to Ballard Beach and you'll be whisked away to a little island paradise. Rhode Island is known for its beaches and coastline, so you can catch a glimpse of the various bird species, crabs, sea lions and sea turtles that can be caught on its sandy beaches.

Located on the east side of Block Island, just a short ferry ride from Newport and Old Harbor, this beach is one of Newport's most popular.

In addition to our Rhode Island tours, Rail Explorers offers a full range of tours from Providence, Providence and Providence - Stoughton to Newport. The MBTA's Providence Stougton Line runs through Newport, including the Newport - Providence Line, Providence / Providence Line and New Haven / Newport Line.

The show is also available for free admission to the Rhode Island Museum of Natural History in Providence, Providence / Providence and Providence - Stoughton.

Newport Cliff Walk is a breathtaking view of the harbour where you will see the many villas of Newport. The Newport Winter Festival in February includes over 150 events in Newport and Newport County, including the annual New Year's Eve Parade, the Newport Christmas Parade and more. Join us for a fun evening at the Rhode Island Museum of Natural History in Providence, Providence / Providence and Providence - Stoughton.

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